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Field Training 

ATC has fielded training and maintenance teams to several military installations

Technical Documentation

ATC personnel have provided for the development, revision and internal configuration control of various aviation system operations and maintenance manuals. We have provided validation and verification of various program technical documents using appropriate subject matter experts.

Simulators and Part Task Trainers

Our company supports the design of state-of-the-art training devices such as operation and maintenance trainers, flight procedure trainers, and various system simulators/stimulators that provide a realistic, high performance training environment. Our SME’s provide required input to identify all training device technical requirements.

Program Acquisition Support

We provide day to day technical support for training system analysis, development, acquisition, assessment, management and operation support for various Unmanned Aerials Systems (BAMS, Triton, Shadow, STUAS, UCLASS, Firescout, Raven, Dragon Eye) and Tactical Training Range Systems. We work with various Integrated Product Teams in providing logistics analysis, development, acquisition, assessment, management and operation support. We support systems acquisition (development through fielding), systems project management and the DoD Programming, Planning, and Budgeting system (PPBS). This includes participating in the planning, development and execution of the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) strategies and the program roadmap to provide the most effective plan to ensure meeting of all program objectives. We support the development of Acquisition Logistics Support Plan (ALSP), Logistics Requirements Funding Summary (LRFS) and the Navy Training Support Plan for these programs.

Aircraft & Weapons Systems
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS;s)


Initial Training Analysis​

Our training professionals conduct front-end analysis, needs/requirements assessments, capacity analysis, cost/benefit trade-offs, and return on investment analyses as appropriate. Along with our senior program management/acquisition personnel, they work closely with the customer to determine training system requirements. They conduct training situation and requirements analyses and produce comprehensive reports to guide the customer through the process of deciding what trainers or training systems are appropriate and determining the scope and direction of their training programs. Our specialists perform capacity analyses to measure current, using the results to predict future network use and end-to-end delay times based on mapping workload and frequency functions to user applications. We also perform cost/benefit trade-off and return-on-investment analyses for training delivery methods, alternative distribution system architectures, and media and equipment considerations.

Curriculum Development

Our training team has supported and developed various Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses in support of initial training efforts. The ILT was based on the FEA efforts conducted prior to ILT development process begins. We also provided maintenance training Content Planning Modules/Learning Objective Modules (CPM/LOM) for the ILT as required by our customers

Computer/Web-Based Training

Our training professionals support the development of interactive courseware and computer-aided instruction using the most current version of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software tools such as Dreamweaver, Designer’s Edge, Macromedia Attain Suite, the Asymetrix-based ToolBook 7, and ICON Author. These tools are used to develop training materials in an “object-oriented” environment that supports Web/Internet-enabled training. Training materials can also be developed for use in a virtual learning environment (a virtual or “corporate” university) to provide specific employee training.

Platform Instruction

Our training teams have performed 1,000s of hours of platform instruction in both civilian and military arenas. Topics include all aspects of system operations and maintenance efforts. Our military training includes weapons and UAS training. We have provided instructional support for various UAS test events. We provided Mobile Training Teams for the USMC Dragon Eye and Raven UAS program.

Operation and Maintenance of New Equipment

We have extensive experience fielding/introduction of new equipment, both CONUS and OCONUS. We have worked as a team member or stand-alone. We are experts in the development of logistics, training, training devices, and technical documentation to support new or updated equipment.

List Of Services

  • Initial Training Analysis
  • Curriculum Development
  • Computer/Web-Based Training
  • Platform Training
  • Operation and Maintenance of New Equipment
  • Field Training 
  • Technical Documentation
  • Simulators and Part Task Trainers
  • Program Acquisition Support
  • Electronic Classrooms
  • Training Systems Plans
  • ISD Process
  • Technical Documentation
  • Platform Instruction