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Budget Maintenance and Status Reporting:

In order to perform DOs within the assigned budget and also accomplish the cost efficiency discussed above, it is necessary to account for and control our orders using the DCAA approved KCS Closure cost accounting system. This cost data includes a breakdown for each DO by total funding, expenditures for a given period by labor category, cumulative expenditures, funds remaining, trends and time sheet reports. ATC accomplishes cost control by reviewing DO cost summaries each week at the Program Review meeting and reporting status as a standing agenda item in the bi-weekly PM-Corporate status meeting. ATC will accomplish cost management by taking corrective action at the earliest time that cost data projections (reviewed weekly in Program Review meetings) indicate potential cost-related problems. This process assures continuous monitoring of DO costs incurred and their validation by the PM in conjunction with ATC's Contract/Financial Manager. Each DO will be assigned a job number against which all costs will be accumulated. All personnel will complete time sheets, and all charges (labor hours, travel, and materials) will reflect appropriate job numbers and will be verified by the individual task leader (TL) and approved by the PM. This provides a clear audit trail for all labor costs. All cost-related functions address both the overall contract and individual DOs. Required DO progress, cost, and schedule data will be generated and submitted as required for visibility of actual versus planned performance and expenditures.

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